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Acclaimed Australian Pornstar, sex and relationship therapist and public speaker. With over 14 years navigating the stigmatized world of the sex industry. Madison has certainly gained some unique insights on the world, society and what it means to be human.

An inspiring and informative speaker, Madison has a passion for tackling the hard and controversial topics always in a respectful and sensitive way. Madison broke a mold in 2014 becoming the first Australian Pornstar to be invited to speak at schools about the differences between Porn Sex and Real Sex.

In activism Madison is known for her non-violent, balanced and kind approach to protests, whilst still passionately advocating for human rights. Madison was also the longest serving member of the SWOP transition committee where she worked with the committee for SWOP to become a fully sex worker only independent organization, which was achieved in July 2014.

In all of Madison’s work she promotes kindness, compassion and forgiveness. And it is her aim to inspire all those around her to see the magic in daily life.


My History & Career

Madison holds a Bachelor of Applied Social Science she completed her degree by doing sex work research and sex therapy training with Impotence Australia. Madison is also an Australian nationally accredited Mediator and Conciliator.

Madison’s qualifications and experience led her to hold a place on the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) transition committee and was the first SWOP President. When Madison resigned from the board in 2014, she was the longest serving member of the board. SWOP advocates for the rights of sex workers in NSW as well as provided services, education and support. Madison has featured in information videos educating sex workers on safe sex practices and boundary negotiations with clients all produced from SWOP.

Madison decided to move into porn in October 2012 with the intention of filming ethical porn and demonstrating proper sexual technique in Porn. What she found was the opportunity to assist the industry in improving its sexual health practices, as it was unregulated.

Madison then started an industry project with the working title The Australian Adult Industry Network (AAIN). AAIN’s purpose was to standardize sexual health testing and develop performer protocol around best practice safe sex outside of porn. In her work with AAIN Madison worked with Doctors from the Department of Health, some of Australia’s most respected porn companies and of course Australian Performers.

In November 2013 Madison was nominated for Best Sex Educator of the Year and Porn Performer of the Year at the Eros Shine Awards. Madison won Porn Performer of the Year.

Then Madison started receiving emails from high school students asking how the porn industry manages sexual health.

By January 2014 Madison realized that young people were looking at the Australian porn industry and her as indicators of sexual behaviour. Madison researched Australian STIs and HIV new diagnoses and saw that they are rising amongst people aged 15-30. She saw an opportunity to promote safe sex, and developed the #SafeSexisSexy campaign.

Within the porn community Madison noticed that performer safe sex standards and transparency were not working. Madison also lived the experience of being denied her right to use condoms in porn. In February 2014, Madison made a stand for Performers choice of condom use in Porn. And as part of this activism Madison has not performed without using condoms since. To help empower porn performers to assert their rights to choose how they would like to manage their health.

At the Adult Industry Awards in 2014 Madison won Pornstar of the Year and Adult Industry Alpha Girl for her work and activism of safe sex and performer empowerment.

Later that year Madison was given the privilege to talk to high school children about Porn Literacy. Madison being a sex therapist cannot ignore the impact that pornography is having on the younger generation. She has created a talk “The Difference between Porn Sex and Real Sex” which discusses what goes on behind the scenes in porn, sexual communication and boundaries.

Madison is inspired to help combat the negative effect of porn on the younger generation that she now uses all the profits that she receives from her work in porn and the sale of her sex toy, to fund her work with this.

After a dark period in Madison’s career where she endured prolonged domestic violence associated with a member of a production company, where Madison’s contract was breached, she endured defamation and harassment, which took a significant personal toll. Madison experienced first hand how the sex industry and its stigma is used as a weapon in domestic violence and due to Australia’s sex work policy, Madison had little avenues for legal recourse.

So Madison set out to change the system, through passionate and non violent activism fighting for sex worker rights. This will be a marathon not a sprint and Madison is currently completing her Masters in Social Work to increase her efficacy in changing the system. Madison is driven by her desire to make a change so that no other sex worker or woman needs to experience what she endured.

In July 2015, the production company in question issued a public statement in support of Madison and the hardship she endured due to their past member.

Most recently at the Australian Adult Industry Awards, Madison won again Pornstar of the Year for the third time and was inducted into the Adult Industry Hall of Fame.

Madison has found through her personal challenges that it is in our darkest moments that we grow. She is now dedicated to helping others grow through their darkness.

One of Madison’s favourite sayings is..

Remember Stars need their darkness to shine.

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“We first met Madison while teaching at a conference in the US a few years ago, and her talk on relationships and life was the best speech we heard” Bringspark.com

“Madison sets a high standard for our industry. Doing research and trail blazing to ensure performers are informed and educated is prevalent through her work creating the AAIN. Actively advocating Safe Sex practices, and choice on set, a missing a voice in this industry until now. I support Madison’s efforts in this wholeheartedly. This is something that my company and myself personally ethically align with. “ Lightsouthern.com

"It is without a doubt that Madison Missina is a leader and backbone of the entire adult industry in Australia, her business prowess is second to none from all of the adult performers that Popporn Productions 3D, Pty Ltd, has had the pleasure to work with. There have been closed doors surrounding issues of sexual health, sexual identity, and safe sex practices which are only unlocked thru the knowledge that is being educated amongst peers and professionals alike. The key to this successful awareness is Madison Missina, who has affected positive change in our industry. Furthermore, the #SafeSexIsSexy campaign has an appropriate motto, "Your life, Your Choice” - Popporn Productions chooses Madison Missina." Popporn3D.com

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