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Acclaimed Australian Pornstar, sex and relationship therapist and public speaker. With over 14 years navigating the stigmatized world of the sex industry. Madison has certainly gained some unique insights on the world, society and what it means to be human.

An inspiring and informative speaker, Madison has a passion for tackling the hard and controversial topics always in a respectful and sensitive way. Madison broke a mold in 2014 becoming the first Australian Pornstar to be invited to speak at schools about the differences between Porn Sex and Real Sex.

In activism Madison is known for her non-violent, balanced and kind approach to protests, whilst still passionately advocating for human rights. Madison was also the longest serving member of the SWOP transition committee where she worked with the committee for SWOP to become a fully sex worker only independent organization, which was achieved in July 2014.

In all of Madison’s work she promotes kindness, compassion and forgiveness. And it is her aim to inspire all those around her to see the magic in daily life.

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My Podcast on the Momamia Podcast Network is coming in May 2016.

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